The RollerParade of Ghent 2023

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The RollerParade of Ghent/Big Ride

For the experienced skater. 

Have you been skating for a while? And do you already have experience on the public road?
Have you already mastered the basic skills of skating: braking, cornering, control over speed?
Then this is your ideal Ride formula!

The Big Ride route is about 20 to 25 km long. (A new course is provided for each session!)
With an average speed of 15 to 18 km/h.
Several breaks are provided where you can take a breather and enjoy a cozy get-together.
Before and after the tour and during the breaks there is the possibility to buy a drink at democratic prices. (= extra support to our organization)

Safety on top! Roads and crossings receive extra assistance under the supervision of the Staffers.

Do not forget!
1. protection = helmet, wrist and knee pads
2. lights = white light in front and red light in back

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