The RollerParade of Ghent 2023

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The RollerParade of Ghent/Small Ride

For the novice skater or a warm-up for the experienced skater.

Have you been skating for a while?
Have you already mastered the basic skills of skating: braking, cornering, control over speed?
Then this is your ideal Ride formula!

The Small Ride route is about 10 km long.
With an average speed of 10 to 12 km/h.
During the break you can take a breather and enjoy a cozy get-together.
Before and after the tour and during the breaks there is the possibility to buy a drink at democratic prices. (= extra support to our organization)

Safety on top! Roads and crossings receive extra assistance under the supervision of the Staffers.

Do not forget!
1. protection = helmet, wrist and knee pads
2. lights = white light in front and red light in back

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